Gel Nail OEM supply, Nichibi Co.,Ltd.

Gel Nail OEM Supply, Nichibi Co.,Ltd.


Nichibi Co.,Ltd is the member of Tokyo Cosmetics Industry Association and we are particular about safety by using the materialfrom Japan and all made in Japan.
We have our own development and production of gel nail cosmetics material.
Among the manufacturers of UV Cure Resin in Japan, we are proud of providing high quality gel nail material for our clients ,and help them to start original gel nail brand.
We already provide gel nail cosmetics material for some famous gel nail brand, We are popular with customers because of our high quality of gel, commercialization consultant, and accuracy of tone
color and delivery.


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Nichibi OEM Gel Nail is UV-cured resin cured by UV light


Nichibi gel nail material is UV-cured resin for nail,
made by selecting ingredient very carefully not only oligomer but also the pigment of color gel.

Our products is very safe and based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan that we don`t have any prohibited material .Our gel nail products has clear traceability and always put safety as a top priority.

Moreover we also put ingredient analysis by the third organization. The substance which conflict Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of course wasn't detected at all.

We really have confidence of our products because our high quality and safety.
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